Annual CAHPS Member Satisfaction Survey

As a member of the NALC Health Benefit Plan, you may be one of 2,475 enrollees that will be randomly selected in February 2020 to receive the CAHPS Member Satisfaction Survey. You can help us maintain and improve the value, quality and service you deserve and have come to expect by completing a CAHPS Member Satisfaction Survey that may find its way to your mailbox this year.

What is it?

CAHPS stands for Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems. The CAHPS surveys ask our enrollees to report on their experiences with health care services in different settings.

Will I get a CAHPS survey?

Possibly. The NALC Health Benefit Plan contracts with the Center for the Study of Services (CSS) to administer our version of the CAHPS survey. Each year enrollees will be randomly selected from our High Option, CDHP and Value Option Plans to receive a survey.

What should you do if you get one?

Promptly fill it out and return it – the postage is on us! We ask that you do NOT call us to let us know you received a survey. The enrollees chosen to receive them are randomly selected by CSS and in order to maintain unbiased results, we ask that we are NOT told which members have been mailed surveys.

It’s important to know that your survey responses are anonymous. Just as we do not know who receives a survey, we also do not know what an enrollee says in response to the survey. Rest assured that no matter how a question is answered, the identity of the enrollee responding is not shared with the NALC Health Benefit Plan at any point prior, during or after the surveys are mailed out.

We’re your NALC Health Benefit Plan and we value your opinion of your health Plan - the responses received from our enrollees are tabulated, analyzed and reported to our Trustees. These results help us maintain our high-quality benefits and also identify opportunities for improvement.

Thank you in advance for your help in completing the survey!